Paysend: Money requests without the stress

Have you ever needed to request money from someone you know?

If you’re short of funds and know who to call, Paysend can speed up your requests. Maybe you’re studying or working abroad, and need funds for bills or expenses from a friend or relative. You’re short of cash and you need someone to transfer you money, now.

Calling or messaging someone with your request is often only the first step. It could take time for them to respond, and if they live abroad and need to make an international transfer, there could be costly transaction fees.

Who’s it aimed at?

Paysend can help you transfer money to over 70 countries in a variety of currencies for just £1, $2 or € 1.5. It offers a simple, speedy system for requesting money from a person by text without having to worry about online or telephone banking. If you’re requesting money from someone who struggles with tech and doesn’t use banking apps for instance, it could be a pain working out the best way to transfer funds. Paysend’s money request service is for anyone who needs to ask for or transfer money quickly and without being taken advantage of by rip-off-rates and unfair transaction fees.

Currency transfers via Paysend always use the mid-market rate, meaning that the rate you see is the rate you’ll get. Waiting for money when you need it urgently can leave you out of pocket and cause unnecessary frustration.

Paysend can take the stress out of all your money transfer requests.

How does Paysend work?

Paysend makes it easy to quickly and securely request money from someone you know. All you need is a phone number and your own card details.

Download the Paysend app on Google Play or the App store (or logon via a laptop or tablet). Login to the app and enter the phone number of the person you’re requesting money from. Enter the amount, provide your own card details and sit back.

They’ll receive a text with a link to your request and will be able to transfer the money immediately. And if you’re requesting money from someone who struggles with tech, don’t worry. Paysend offers the speed and security of a high street bank, but without the queues. And if you’ve got any questions, Paysend has 24/7 support so there’ll always be someone on hand to help out.