It is never too early to start learning about money and how to manage it. FMTy is here to help with step-by-step guides and great benefits. From a fully functional account that can be used for day-to-day banking to a savings account with great interest rates – FMTy is the full banking solution!

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FMTy offers the convenience of having all of your banking in one place. A single transactional account to take care of all of your banking needs, access to benefits and so much more. The FMTy Islamic Transactional Account is a fully transactional account that is opened and linked to a parent account.

There are no monthly account fees for the account and it can be used in the same way as any other FMT Islamic accounts (FMT ATMs, branches and the banking app).

With no minimum balance and a huge range of free functionality, banking has never been easier or more worth while:

  • Unlimited electronic payments and transfers
  • Free cash withdrawals from selected tills
  • Withdraw cash from selected tills
  • Receive alerts through text messages and emails when a transaction is made via inContact
  • Be eligible for monthly profit share
  • Save
  • Guaranteed Capital

No risk. Your original deposit and quoted returns are 100% guaranteed

  • Flexibility

Add money at any time, from anywhere

  • Access your money

Access 100% of your money after 5 days’ notice

  • Digital access

Open and manage your account on digital platforms

  • Stay connected

24/7 customer service

  • Basics of Banking

To help you on your journey to becoming financially responsible, we have created a library of step by step videos on a variety of different banking topics: from how to save, shop safely online and use the app, to using your card.


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