Tradition in money transfers is moving into the future …

FMT story was began in Grand Bazaar (Imameli Han), now with our dissemination strategy FMT HAN (Economic and Smart Point) concept we want to deliver our services to all sectors and citizens. So, tradition in money transfers is moving into the future…


The address of 40% more economic money transfer, FMT! It replaces the traditional money transfer to digital and physical money transfer options. FMT, the new generation of financial technology infrastructure with least cost, making the fastest money transfer. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to transfer money, 40 % more economic than its competitors.


FMT, a new open platform, 3rd party ecosystem and the traditional money transfer experience and has transformed into a multi-channel payment service. FMT is a great advantage to customers in physical and digital money transfer. Using cash to the customer solutions that eliminate the need to make faster and easier payment process. Traditional cash transfer; account from the account without the name, the name of the account, the name of the name, the account from the card account to card, card to card account without a card and makes it possible to be able to account to the card.

Secure / Fast

Your Money will be at destination within 23 seconds. Money transfers with the new generation of payment systems more faster and easier! FMT, offers benefits to customer more economic commission rates rather than other transfer systems (40%). FMT is offering send and reveive money without the any bank account necessity. We use high-level security control system like; transfer reference code is known by only the sender and receiver.

Be representative…

New sector of Turkey – payment services, , you can meet the national and international money transfer needs for people live in your city, your region with our concepts a representative FMT HAN and FMT Banco.


For a full list of FMT HAN Agents And Branches, please click here.