FMT Banco

FMT is the National and International money transfer bridge!

Join to the FMT family – to the address national and international fast, smart, secure and economic money transfer which serve with a total of 200.000 points in The Commonwealth of Independent States member countries , Europe and the United States countries!


As you know, FMT is the most economic, smart and fastest money transfer company, we got the first Electronic money and Payment service license from BRSA. Would you like to be representative of fastest and most economical money transfer brand FMT?


Documents required to be representative of the FMT BANCO;

  • Tax Board
  • Commercial Gazette (must show the last partnership structure.)
  • ID photocopy (All partners’ identity photocopies are required. Personal Nationalatiy ID number must be
    printed on that ID card)
  • Conduct sheet (All shareholders need to fulfill)
  • Credit risk report for the Company
  • Credit Bureaus Document
  • Notarized signature statement, Signatures for companies
  • Guarantees (bank letter of guarantee or cash collateral)

All documents should be up to date. 

Representative Application Form